As we are

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
Anais Nin

Every day we choose our own reality. We decide in what to believe, what to care about, how to treat other people, how to treat the rest of the world. We choose what to see and what to find in every single minute. And every single minute we simply decide who we are. 


And how often do we actually consider our happiness depended on some circumstances and conditions? We always need something to be happy. Why? Why are we so greedy, why do we always want to make deals with the universe?  Why do we think that the world owes us something? And as much as we get as more hungry we become. Why can not we simply enjoy our way? The way we pursuing our goals is something what creates us. 


H a p p i n e s s.


It is not a price in a war, or challenge you take. Because all your fights and  challenges can make you stronger, but not happier. And definitely happiness is not something you can get with an exchange. 

No money, no car,  no house, or child, or marriage can make you happy.

Because happiness is an inner harmony. If you have it, or reach it - you are a happy person. If your soul filled only with wishes, if you have nothing to give to the world, if you can not feel happy just because you're alive, then nothing would ever satisfy you. And you will always starve.  

Do you know how much magic is hidden in everyday reality? How happy are you just because you have where to live, what to eat and what to wear?

We like to compare ourselves to others, we like to think that all the worst is happening right here, with us, and that's the reason we are so unhappy. We want to think that other people have money, success, beautiful body just because they were lucky to get a ticket into an easy life full of joy... We like to find excuses to our own life choices.  

Complain is the first thing that makes us loose. Laziness is the second one. 

Start your every day with a smile and remembering all the things you are grateful for, you'll see the beautiful changes in your life very soon.

Stop complaining and have enough courage to dare be the one you really want to be. 

And you will understand happiness depends on our own decisions.

We see the world as we are.


Well, based on who I am, I made a small list. My 10 really simple rules to be happy every single day, no matter what. 

This is what I really do in my everyday life, what helps me to survive in my crises, to keep moving forward to what I stand for and to be grateful for what I have.

Maybe I should do my basic postulates for being happy in general as well?

Hope this one will really help somebody!



turn on the music ;)

10 rules

to be happy every day

           1. Wake up and smile! Smile as much as possible during the day.


          2. Find 5 things you're grateful for today.


          3. Learn new.


          4. Do something today that moves you closer towards achieving your goal.


          5. Find at least 3 little things that are free and make you happy.


          6. Say a sincere compliment to someone.


          7. Help someone, if you can not help today - give a warm hug to somebody.


          8. Do sports, or at least walk for more than 30 min. 


          9. Meditate at least for 5 minutes.


          10. Listen to music, that gives you hope. 


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